Thursday, 25 April 2013

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While I lived in London, I worked at a bar in Soho, and a couple of my Irish work mates were in a band called Phonoma. It was always a competition to see who could get the night off first to go see them!

Joel and I went to see the band in full swing at Plan B in Brixton one evening and they were fantastic live. You could almost describe their sound as folk-electronic, with rock roots and melodic vocals. Another work mate, photographer Ivo Pauls always works hard to capture Phonoma in action and has made some fantastic videos (see below).

Some of the band members played a few weeks later at a Jam Session at the Hideaway. It was a classic BBQ afternoon in a London beer garden with a few guitars and good company, which turned into an electronic show downstairs later in the evening. Brilliant night!

Lazy Summer Jam Session by Chasing Thunder from Ivo Pauls on Vimeo.

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