Sunday, 9 December 2012


5km run - Oslo, Norway

I have a great deal of respect for people who live I cold climates. Heading out in the snow to exercise is bloody hard work and a true mental challenge. I had been in Oslo for 3 days already and I had to get outside for a run! I woke up earlier than usual and left Mai in a state of dreaming while I faced the cold crispy air outside. It was actually the perfect morning, still, calm and clear. I ran from the apartment to Vigeland Park and although I didn’t have  much of a plan, it was so huge that I managed to just run around in circles in amazement, run up a few staircases and get a sweat on. Vigeland Park is a stunning 200-piece sculpture park and a must-see in Oslo, especially when it was completely covered in snow. When I returned I told Mai we had to go back, but unfortunately it never happened! So glad I saw it for myself though.

Running along a canal in The Netherlands

8km run - Groningen, The Netherlands

It was fairly dark and cold when I ran out the door but by the end of the run I was so glad to have left the house. A bit of a change from KL; rainy, 1 degrees c and the paths were all icy! I ran through a beautiful park and there were surprisingly a lot of other people running around too! After being so used to running in the sunshine of Australia, I was a little concerned that running in the cold wouldn't be very enjoyable, but you learn something new everyday! I've also decided that if a bunch of old guys can run in the freezing cold, I can too. 

Elise running in Malaysia

7km run - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I decided to go for a run on an extremely warm afternoon in malaysia, it was about 85% humidity! I ran from Mike's apartment (a family friend we were staying with) to Ampang Point. I must admit, I got some pretty strange looks running along the main road!

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