Thursday, 20 December 2012

local music scene > be my yoko ono!

Australians, think Wolfmother meets Miami Horror. Skip the pop-disco beats of the latter and appreciate a bit of curl rather than frizz and you've got yourself Reptile Youth; an energetic rock duo from Denmark. Since his voice is his only instrument the lead singer likes to use the room space to show off his mad dancing capabilities and he has no hesitation using a member of the audience as a spring board for his next back flip. Highly entertaining to watch.  Despite the fact that the bass player looked a little like he was learning to surf with an extremely over-exaggerated wide stance and the guitarist had the persona of a street statue, the band meshed quite well together and blasted out some impressive sounding songs. 

One song that stuck in my head was Be My Yoko Ono. Unfortunately they were finishing up on their Shooting Up Sunshine Tour but I'm sure if you search the band you can find where they are playing next. Be sure to cop a feel of the curl like good old Lisa, "You must get this all the time, but can I touch your hair? Lead singer, "Actually I haven't been asked in a while, sure go ahead". >>Insert smiley face here<<


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