Tuesday, 1 January 2013

fitness > stoltzekleiven stair climb - bergen, norway

What better way to start a new year than dragging your hung-over arse up an 800-step stair climb. Right? Right? Mai didn’t quite agree.  But this was THE thing to do in Bergen and it was the only chance to do it before we left. After the new years eve party we slept for a good part of the day, but as all Bergenites are limited but the slither of sunlit hours in a day, we too had to compete with the clock. 

I didn’t quite realize how scared Mai was of heights and this was a steep, paved trail heading directly up the side of a small mountain. She was shitting herself. I must admit, it was pretty tough; the stairs were big so each step was a challenge and we hiked so high that what was rain at the bottom was snow at the top. The view was absolutely breathtaking from the top (unfortunately Mai couldn’t hack the height). I took a few selfies at the edge and took a short moment to ponder while I looked down at the quaint little fishing town surrounded by mountains. It seemed like a tiny model city from up there. This is a prime example of how you can combine fitness with travel and I’d highly recommend going up if you visit Bergen!


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