Sunday, 13 January 2013

man u rock!

National express buses around the UK are pretty damn good considering how overpriced the trains are. On the way from Manchester to Skipton we paid about £35 on trains for 3 hours but on the way back it was about £10 by bus in the same amount of time. Get on the bandwagon! 

 We stayed a night in Leeds hoping to do some bar hopping but we were buggered and it was pretty miserable outside! so we explored a few places in the evening but didn't make a big night of it. Mai and I couchsurfed with a young Canadian chick in a big student share house. It was a great experience and the girls were lovely and accommodating. We talked about our trvels over cups of tea, as you do in England. However, it was absolutely freezing in the house (students choose beer money over avoiding hypothermia) and we also slept on a couch that I'm sure had several dodgey stains and smelt like wet towels. We thought we would get the chance to visit Leeds again for the famous music festivals but never got the time. Another day! 

We continued onto Manchester where we met up with a friend of mine, Chloe who volunteered on the whale project I worked on in Noosa. Chloe is THE most friendliest, hospitable person ever! We loved our time there. We stayed in her and her brother’s house, she was ever so kind and gave up her bed for us, we went out for beers, cooked some homely food and on one night we went to an intimate little music bar called band on the wall, where one of her housemates worked. It was an open mic night so I was lucky enough to play some originals (elise-marie) and received a very warm welcome :) 

 Mai and I walked around Manchester city that day and were really surprised at how quaint it was, for me I guess it's a similar size to Perth but with way more atmosphere and nice old buildings, clean streets and great pubs. Didn't make it for a football match unfortunately but at 100 quid a pop I don't think we'll be going any time soon!

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