Friday, 15 March 2013

how to drink guinness like an irishman

After finishing my shift at  the bar I had a few hours to kill before transiting to the airport to fly to Cork for the St. Paddy’s Day weekend. Yeu! The guys from the bar (mostly Irish) were on their break so I went with them to The Toucan, undoubtedly serving the best Guinness in London.

I was a little concerned about starting the Guinness glory early but all concerns were replaced with the smooth creamy taste of a meal in a pint. Guinness is rich in iron so you can argue that its good for you, the Irish certainly do!

Denver (one Irish guy who gave me all the tips of where to go over the weekend) explained how to drink it properly. It's like Guinness etiquette. Do not sip Guinness, you will be frowned upon. Instead, (if you want to do it properly) take a firm grip, stand tall and proud, inspect the pint in all its glory and then take a long gulp. As you would count the rings of a tree, your pint should have five rings around it reflecting the five gulps you take to finish it. No more or no less. That's the way it's done.

Well, after practising I realised that we had downed 4 pints in an hour and it was time to head to the airport....crap. I felt quite happy leaving the bar and I wore the Guinness grin on the tube. I swear, Guinness is like a drug… you don’t feel drunk, just happily satisfied and relaxed.

At this stage  though, I was still concerned about how it would exit ….

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