Wednesday, 20 March 2013

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No, it's not Bryan Adams for the fiftieth time. I actually didn’t know who RYAN Adams was until late 2011, which is almost a crime in itself! He is an American musician, well-respected and most well-known by the singer-songwriter community. Ryan Adams’ cover of Wonderwall is better than the original, his Heartbreaker and Gold albums are excellent for road trips and he is a solid live performer. 

When I read that Adams would be playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London, I just had to go; knocking of two must-do items on my bucket list in one night! In no way did he disappoint; he was on the ball the whole night, he entertainingly engaged with the audience and had a great sense of humour. Ryan Adams is one muso you definitely have to listen to and don’t pass up an opportunity to see him live!

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