Sunday, 17 March 2013

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As soon as we decided to head to Ireland for St Paddy’s day I was on the internet to find a local gig to go to. I’d just been watching clips on youtube and came across a London based blues-beat-box duo called Heymoonshaker, who were playing in Cork on Saturday night. Perfect.

We walked through the quaint little streets in town and found the tiny bar we were looking for, and were greeted by a bouncer at the front door.  The funniest thing was that when we asked who was playing, he responded with “Ah I don’t some shit DJ or something”.  That shit DJ was actually two guys, one guitarist with a howling, gritty voice and the other just had a microphone, making beats of sound effects with his mouth. We settled in a booth with a Guinness right in front of them, and they were pretty amazing to watch up close. From a distance you really couldn’t tell whether it was a machine making the sounds or a man, hence the uneducated guess from the bouncer.

After the gig I went up to the guitarist and had a chat with him.  Long story short, we ended up spending the rest of the night with the group; the two musicians (Andy Balcon and Dave Crowe), their Swedish manager and another couple. We all headed to an awesome little bar I couldn’t remember the name of, that basically consisted of a small inside area and a well-lit alley way. We chatted about a lot of shit; the music industry mostly and how hard it is to make it in London. I gave them a few Australian artists to look up, like Tijuana Cartel and after drinking Guinness all night and having a few tokes; we were all of a sudden pretty wasted. It was time for these groupies to head home!

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